About Us

i-Select is one of the leading New Zealand-based QROPS registered Superannuation Schemes.
The scheme was established in 2012 to help members save for and enjoy the benefits of their retirement.

A Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) – meeting the stringent standards set by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom (HMRC) – i-Select specialises in receiving UK pension transfers.

i-Select is built on considerable New Zealand-based expertise, drawing not only extensive experience of superannuation scheme management but also a thorough understanding of the tax regimes in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Key Staff

Chris Heffernan

Chris Heffernan

Chris is one of the country’s leading taxation experts in this niche area, with a long connection to the financial services profession, taxation and UK pension transfers.

Karen Johnston
Compliance Manager

Karen Johnston

Oversees the management of compliance, accounts, projects and audits while helping develop new and innovative products.

Robyn Galletly
Administration Manager

Robyn Galletly

Provides dedicated service and support resources to members. The scheme is recognised for its highly efficient administration and friendly, responsive service.

Robyn Galletly

Toni Clough

Assists the Administration Manager in providing dedicated service and support to members.

Melissa Wilson

Melissa Wilson

Assists the Compliance Manager in overseeing the management of compliance, accounts, projects and audits while helping develop new and innovative products.


Chris Heffernan
Director and CEO

Chris Heffernan

Chris is a UK Chartered Tax Adviser, a Fellow of the Association of Taxation Technicians (UK), and has the UK financial services qualification Cert(PFS)(UK). He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (UK), the Association of Taxation Technicians (UK), the Personal Finance Society (UK – part of the Chartered Insurance Institute), and the Institute of Financial Advisers (NZ).

He has been a practising tax adviser for over 30 years, and has been closely involved in the financial services industry for 25 years. Chris practised in the UK for 21 years before moving to New Zealand in 2003 to work in both UK and New Zealand taxation and financial services.

Gary Leech
Director and Chairman

Gary Leech

Gary has been a Chartered Accountant for 42 years. He was the longest serving member of the Disciplinary Tribunal of the Chartered Accountants Association Australia and New Zealand, and is now a member of the Institute Appeals Council.

Early in his career, Gary rose to be the International Treasurer of the Junior Chamber International and over the course of his career, has acquired a wealth of experience in strategy and governance, sitting on the board of many listed companies and holding a number of directorships.

He is also a professional director and Accredited Fellow
 of the Institute of Directors.

Richard Austin

Richard Austin

Richard is a Chartered Accountant who not only advises high net-worth clients, but is also directly involved in mergers, acquisitions and private equity investing. In addition to this, he also advises a number of charitable organisations about investment strategies, portfolio structuring and management matters.

A director of a number of companies, in a diverse range of industries, Richard’s past roles include Chief Investment Officer at Gould Holdings Ltd and General Manager of Financial Advisory and Funds Management at Perpetual Trust. Currently, he holds directorships at various companies including Business Mentors NZ Ltd and iQ2 Private Wealth Ltd.

Home for your savings

Since 1 December 2016, i-Select has been operating under the requirements of the Financial Markets Conduct Act and Regulations. This reinforces our investment in rigorous oversight of the financial advisers we work alongside.

As well as maintaining a comprehensive risk management programme, we also employ independent experts to oversee our ongoing compliance with the financial markets legislation.

Getting your money moving

Along with becoming more active in your savings and gaining the expertise available from an Authorised Financial Adviser, your choice of i-Select could offer a range of benefits as you plan for your retirement.

For a number of people moving from the UK to New Zealand or Australia, there’s considerable peace-of-mind in being closer to your money. This not only gives you a strong sense of visibility over where your money is and what it is doing, it can also avoid risks such as being involved in under-funded schemes.

Depending on the type of pension scheme you are in, whether it is a Defined Benefits scheme, the value of which is largely based on long-term interest rates, or a Defined Contribution scheme that largely depends on the fortunes of the stock exchange, there are strong advantages in taking greater control of your savings, supported by local experts.

New Zealand’s financial system is very highly regulated, providing both security and oversight for your money. And while funds in New Zealand are taxed as they grow, they are paid out free of New Zealand taxation.

Whatever your choice, with the value of an independent Authorised Financial Adviser, you will be best positioned to make the ideal decisions for your future.