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We work with a team of approved Authorised Financial Advisers throughout New Zealand.

Getting your money moving

Along with becoming more active in your savings and gaining the expertise available from an Authorised Financial Adviser, your choice of i-Select could offer a range of benefits as you plan for your retirement.

For a number of people moving from the UK to New Zealand or Australia, there’s considerable peace-of-mind in being closer to your money. This not only gives you a strong sense of visibility over where your money is and what it is doing, it can also avoid risks such as being involved in under-funded schemes.

Depending on the type of pension scheme you are in, whether it is a Defined Benefits scheme, the capital value of which is largely based on long-term interest rates, or a Defined Contribution scheme that largely depends on the fortunes of the stock market, there are strong advantages in taking greater control of your savings, supported by local experts.

New Zealand’s financial system is very highly regulated providing oversight for your money.

Whatever your choice, with the value of an independent Authorised Financial Adviser, you will be better positioned to make good decisions for your future.

North Island

Bradley Nuttall North Limited
Andrew Hogg
0800 864 164
Gerald Gates & Associates
Gerald Gates
09 929 5712
Apex Advice Group Limited
Stephen France
Gavin Greaves
Victor Kolkur
Hayden Mulholland
Nadia O'Brien
Eliyah Odisho
Mike Rawlings
Dusten Renshaw
Alan Campbell
0800 500 510
Collaborative Consulting Ltd
John Milner
0800 225 665
Financial Services Auckland Limited
Michael Beuvink
09 419 5440
Findex Advice Services NZ Limited
Craig Smith
James McKelvie
David van Schaardenburg
09 303 4586
Tony Chamberlain
David Paulin
09 930 6933
Hobson Wealth Partners Limited
Brad Gordon
Tim Lyons
Steve Mudgway
James Usmar
Michael Youngman
09 363 8730
IMAK Advice Limited
Stewart Imrie
Grant Macdonald
09 307 9300
JMI Wealth
James Grey
Jason Watson
Lynette Ball
Sue Richards
09 308 1450
Private Wealth Advisers
Ben Lavender
09 926 5748
Prospect Wealth Ltd
Greg McGlynn
027 278 7656
The Private Office
Patrick Fogarty
Laetitia Peterson
Nick Crawford
09 303 1299
Windsor Wealth Management
Brett Sargent
021 222 0700
Money Planners Limited
Miles Flower
021 645 000
Move My Pension Limited
Luke McKenzie
07 839 1096
Bay of Plenty
BWT Financial Limited
Danielle Auld
07 343 7440
G3 Financial Freedom
Jane Benton
Charlene Overell
07 571 5333
Share NZ Limited
James Sheridan
07 929 7376
Hawke's Bay
Stewart Financial Group Limited
Nick Stewart
06 878 8961
Palmerston North
Professional Investment Services (Manawatu)
Maryann Pratt
06 355 4422
Foxplan Limited
Steve Baker
Dean Blair
John Killick
Sally Killick
Warwick Walker
09 931 6237
Tony Chamberlain
David Paulin
09 930 6933
Hobson Wealth Partners Limited
Brad Gordon
Tim Lyons
Steve Mudgway
James Usmar
Michael Youngman
09 363 8730
Lyford Investment Management Ltd
Alison Renfrew
Richard Renfrew
04 471 0662
Taimana Wealth Ltd
Stephen Fitzjohn
04 939 6601

South Island

Castle Trust Financial Planning
Glyn Lewis-Jones
Kathryn Alborough
03 528 4184
Kingston Wealth Management
Richard Grimes
021 284 4881
Totara Wealth Management Limited
Richard Harden
03 548 9000
Funds Administration New Zealand (FANZ)
Grant Watson
03 384 1903
Andrew Webster Ltd
Patrick Clemenger
03 662 9990
Cambridge Partners
Brigette Arnold
Richard Austin
James Howard
Scott  Rainey
Todd Sutton
Jacob  Wolt
0800 864 164
Compound Wealth
Adam Stewart
027 331 3127
Financial Strategies (ChCh) Limited
John Eyre-Walker
03 379 7562
Fortitude Financial Ltd
Tony Munro
03 662 9990
Tony Chamberlain
David Paulin
09 930 6933
Hamilton Hindin Greene Limited
David Hayes
Jeremy Simpson
03 353 0793
Hobson Wealth Partners Limited
Brad Gordon
Tim Lyons
Steve Mudgway
James Usmar
Michael Youngman
09 363 8730
Milestone Financial Services (Southern) Ltd
Melissa Allen
Richard Holden
Richard Paynter
03 964 6082
Polson Higgs Wealth Management Ltd
Shiree Hembrow
03 474 9703
Progressive Financial Planning
Mark Allison
03 348 8866
Rede Advisers Ltd
Michael Shears
Scott Stokes
03 964 4207
The Financial Strategies Group
Sheryl Sutherland
03 379 7035
Total Wealth
Katrina Studholme
03 377 2855
VIP Financial Services Limited
Craig Fraser
03 687 9444
Bradley Nuttall Otago Ltd
John Alexander
03 477 2316
Diligent Wealth Management Ltd
Mark Baker
03 409 2994
Polson Higgs Wealth Management Ltd
Jared Campbell
Rhodes Donald
03 474 9703