PIE Superannuation Scheme

Transferring your UK pension into a NZ based scheme is as easy as PIE

The i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme offers you a range of investment types and currencies. If you have already moved your pension out of the UK while living in another country, this may be a more tax-efficient home for your retirement savings.
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Why choose the i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme?

Low or no tax
Non-residents and transitional residents can nominate a zero rate PIR (Prescribed Investor Rate) for tax, meaning low or no tax is paid on income from the Scheme.
A range of choice in currency and assets
The Scheme offers five fund options over a range of NZD, AUD and GBP. Each of these Funds may invest in a mix of domestic foreign assets.
Easy to transfer to NZ (and between Funds)
Our team and experienced administrators make transferring from the UK easy. If you’d like to change to another Fund, we make that easy too.
Easy investing with no minimum
This PIE Scheme is a great home for pensions great and small. It's easy because all the hard work is done by our expert team.

Who is this Scheme designed for?

UK Pension Transfers
The i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme is a QROPS. This means you may be able to transfer UK pension funds to the Scheme (e.g. from a registered pension scheme in the UK or from another QROPS).
UK pension funds that are transferred to the Scheme will be subject to current QROPS rules and restrictions.
UK Pensions and Non-Residents
The Scheme can accept members who are not resident in New Zealand, but there may be specific disadvantages following the introduction of the Overseas Transfer Charge by the UK government with effect from 9 March 2017. It is possible but unlikely that a non-resident would qualify for any of the exemptions from this charge at present.
Funds transferred out of the UK before 9 March 2017 are likely to be unaffected by the introduction of the Overseas Transfer Charge.
Australian residents
The Manager has registered the scheme with ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission) under the mutual recognition scheme related to the offering of financial products in both countries.
There may be tax advantages to Australians investing in New Zealand superannuation schemes because of the Australian superannuation contribution rules, and the Australian/NZ Double Taxation Agreement.
We strongly recommend you seek advice from an appropriately qualified and experienced superannuation and taxation adviser before joining or making a transfer to the Scheme, and we are happy to recommend one.
Talk to us to see if the i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme is right for your circumstances
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Selecting a Greener Way to Be

“Increasingly the discussion around the board rooms of New Zealand's blue-chip companies and heavy-hitting institutional investors is not about how to boost profits and share prices – but how to do good. Not that the conversation is exclusively about philanthropy or altruism: they’ve realised that adopting environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles makes sound financial and strategic sense.” (Why Responsible Investing has come of Age Produced by The Australian)

Our members’ retirement savings are managed within Mercer Funds and the fact that, worldwide, Mercer has committed to a target of net-zero absolute carbon emissions by 2050 for its investment funds means that our members to are contributing to a sustainable future to benefit our economy and society. Mercer’s goal to place sustainability at the core of their investment approach aligns with the Paris Agreement’s goals by targeting a 1.5°C limit on global temperature increases.

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How the i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme works

You decide if i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme is right for your personal goals
i-Select helps you to apply and transfer your pension to New Zealand
Contributions are invested into one or a combination of the five funds
You can switch between funds at any time
About your team

Your fund options

You choose the fund option, or combination of funds that best suit you, with the help of your financial adviser, if you have one.
The i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme has a range of investment options in Australian Dollars (AUD), Pounds Sterling (GBP) and New Zealand Dollars (NZD).
  • The fund options are:
  • AUD Balanced Fund
  • GBP Balanced Fund
  • NZD Conservative Fund
  • NZD Balanced Fund
  • NZD Growth Fund
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Understanding the risks of investing

Determining how much risk to take should be related to the period of investment. Generally, if investing for a longer period of time, a portfolio should hold more growth assets (such as shares and property). Returns are expected to be higher and there is a longer time period in which to balance out any negative returns received against positive returns. Lower risk investments are generally more suitable for someone with a shorter time horizon, as these investors require greater stability in returns with less risk of loss of capital.

To help you clarify your own attitude to risk, we recommend you seek financial advice from an authorised financial adviser. In addition, you may work out your risk profile at https://sorted.org.nz/tools/investor-kickstarter
See the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for more information about the risks associated with investing in an investment portfolio on our resources page, here.
All investments carry risk. Events affecting investments cannot always be foreseen, and no-one guarantees any rate of return (or the return of capital).

Before joining the Scheme, you should carefully consider the risks. Your financial adviser can explain the risks in more detail, and tailor advice to suit your needs and objectives.Investments are often divided into five major investment classes – cash, bonds, property, shares and alternative assets – which have differing levels of risk.

There is generally a risk/return trade-off. This means that, when investing in higher risk investments, a higher return is expected on those investments to compensate for the additional risk. Lower risk investments are expected to generate a lower return on average over time.

i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme

Latest Fund Updates

Buy/Sell spreads

When you enter or leave a Fund, any buy/sell spreads applicable at that time will be a cost to you.

The latest buy/sell spreads for each Fund are as follows:

AUD Balanced Fund
GBP Balanced Fund
NZD Conservative Fund
NZD Balanced Fund
NZD Growth Fund
Sell Spread
Buy Spread

Take the next step...

If you want us to refer you to a financial adviser to assist you with your pension and possibly other investment decision-making, contact us and we will make a recommendation.

If you have decided that the i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme is for you, contact us and we will get in touch with you to commence the process.

i-Select Ltd is the Licensed Manager of the i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme (“the Scheme”) and an offer of membership of the Scheme is made via a Product Disclosure Statement that may be obtained here or from your selected Authorised Financial Adviser or from www.companiesoffice.govt.nz/disclose