Tax Services

Tax services that smooth the process of tax compliance across the United Kingdom and New Zealand

i-Select provides guidance and smooths the compliance process when you want to bring your UK pension into New Zealand. We are one of the leading New Zealand firms for advice on foreign superannuation personal tax.

Dovetailed UK and New Zealand tax advice

Helping you fulfil your UK and New Zealand tax obligations in New Zealand with 35 years of UK tax qualifications and experience and 17 years of New Zealand tax experience combined, topped with UK and New Zealand financial services qualifications and experience
United Kingdom Taxation
We offer advice on UK Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and Income Tax.
i-Select is a registered UK tax agent. We can complete and submit your UK tax returns electronically and communicate with HMRC on your behalf.
New Zealand Taxation
We can advise you on all areas of New Zealand taxation, but have specialist knowledge of the tax rules surrounding foreign pensions. We can help you meet your NZ personal tax compliance obligations.
Other jurisdictions
i-Select has considerable experience of taxation in other countries and has many connections with advisers around the world to assist in giving advice and guidance.

Let us help you with your UK or New Zealand tax issues.

We'll help you navigate the tax rules and complexities involved in completing tax returns while in a different country.