Single Member Scheme

A Single Member Scheme gives you the freedom to invest your UK pension in the things that matter to you.

An i-Select Single Member Scheme (SMS) allows you the freedom to invest your retirement savings into commercial property, listed or unlisted shares or other qualifying investments close to your heart.

Key benefits to an i-Select Single Member Scheme

QROPS status if required
Large superannuation savings can be controlled closely
Accommodates specialist investment requirements like unlisted shares or commercial property
UK Inheritance Tax can be mitigated using QNUPS (Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme) status

Transparency and control

i-Select’s SMS gives you complete visibility over how your fund is managed and invested. What’s more, the costs are clearly defined, and capped at a fixed amount.
The Scheme consists of three clearly defined roles between you (the Member and Trustee), i-Select (the Administrator) and your Financial Adviser, with you in overall control.
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How the i-Select Single Member Scheme works

Below is an overview as what to expect when setting up an i-Select SMS. You can see a more detailed description of the process in the i-Select SMS brochure.
You decide if an i-Select SMS is right for you
i-Select helps you and your adviser transfer your pension to the SMS
You implement your chosen investment plan
i-Select assist with ongoing compliance
Talk to one of our experts to see if you qualify for a Single Member Scheme.
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Understanding the risks of investing

Determining how much risk to take should be related to the period of investment. Generally, if investing for a longer period of time, a portfolio should hold more growth assets (such as shares and property). Returns are expected to be higher and there is a longer time period in which to balance out any negative returns received against positive returns. Lower risk investments are generally more suitable for someone with a shorter time horizon, as these investors require greater stability in returns with less risk of loss of capital.

To help you clarify your own attitude to risk, we recommend you seek financial advice from an authorised financial adviser. In addition, you may work out your risk profile at https://sorted.org.nz/tools/investor-kickstarter
All investments carry risk. Events affecting investments cannot always be foreseen, and no-one guarantees any rate of return (or the return of capital).

Before joining the Scheme, you should carefully consider the risks. Your financial adviser can explain the risks in more detail, and tailor advice to suit your needs and objectives.Investments are often divided into five major investment classes – cash, bonds, property, shares and alternative assets – which have differing levels of risk.

There is generally a risk/return trade-off. This means that, when investing in higher risk investments, a higher return is expected on those investments to compensate for the additional risk. Lower risk investments are expected to generate a lower return on average over time.

What taxes will you pay?

It is important that you seek taxation advice on the implications of transferring any retirement savings funds to an i-Select SMS. i-Select can facilitate specialist taxation advice – particularly in the UK tax area – if required, through i-Select Tax Ltd. This would be a separate engagement with i-Select Tax Ltd. The SMS will be a taxpayer in its own right, and has a basic rate of tax of 33%, in line with the top rate of income tax for individuals. If the Trustee invests in Portfolio Investment Entities (commonly known as PIEs), then the rate of tax may be reduced to 28%.

These rules can be complex, but we can guide you through them.
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