Superannuation Scheme

A scheme that gives you choice and control when you decide to bring your UK pension to NZ and continue to keep it growing.

The i-Select Superannuation Scheme is set up by way of a Personal Plan, to work for your unique needs and lifestyle to give you control over how your money is being invested.
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A scheme for the hands-on investor

A Super Scheme that puts you in control
The i-Select Superannuation Scheme allows you to closely manage your retirement savings.
Offers choice in a range of funds that fit you
Choose from thousands of individual investments in a currency of your choosing.
Expertise in your investment decisions
With independent advice from an Authorised Financial Adviser to help you decide where to invest.
Security for your savings
We operate under a comprehensive risk management programme.

Creating a Personal Plan

As a member of this scheme, you choose the investments for your Personal Plan, based on advice from your Authorised Financial Adviser.
Investment options are selected by you, in conjunction with your financial adviser, so they can be unique to your needs and lifestyle. Your adviser will help you create an investment strategy and suggest targets so that you have control over how your money is being invested. The i-Select Superannuation Scheme allows you to invest in a broad range of investment options.
  • These include:
  • Equity securities
  • Fixed interest securities
  • Managed investment products
  • Investment trusts
  • Index funds
  • Listed property trusts
  • Cash
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How the i-Select Superannuation Scheme works

You decide if our Super Scheme is right for your personal goals
You and your Authorised Financial Adviser choose your investments
The assets within your Personal Plan are held by an independent custodian
i-Select manages the scheme for the benefit of you, the investor
You'll need to work with an Authorised Financial Adviser to create your Personal Plan under this scheme.
FINd an adviser

Understanding the risks of investing

Determining how much risk to take should be related to the period of investment. Generally, if investing for a longer period of time, a portfolio should hold more growth assets (such as shares and property). Returns are expected to be higher and there is a longer time period in which to balance out any negative returns received against positive returns. Lower risk investments are generally more suitable for someone with a shorter time horizon, as these investors require greater stability in returns with less risk of loss of capital.

To help you clarify your own attitude to risk, we recommend you seek financial advice from an authorised financial adviser. In addition, you may work out your risk profile at https://sorted.org.nz/tools/investor-kickstarter
See the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and/or Investment Options Supplements (IOS) of each Scheme for more information about the risks associated with investing in an investment portfolio.
All investments carry risk. Events affecting investments cannot always be foreseen, and no-one guarantees any rate of return (or the return of capital).

Before joining the Scheme, you should carefully consider the risks. Your financial adviser can explain the risks in more detail, and tailor advice to suit your needs and objectives. Investments are often divided into five major investment classes – cash, bonds, property, shares and alternative assets – which have differing levels of risk.

There is generally a risk/return trade-off. This means that, when investing in higher risk investments, a higher return is expected on those investments to compensate for the additional risk. Lower risk investments are expected to generate a lower return on average over time.

What taxes will you pay?

Members are not personally liable for New Zealand income tax on their investment returns or withdrawals from the Scheme. Because the Scheme is not a Portfolio Investment Entity, it pays tax at the Scheme level at 28% on its net assessable income. This means that the Scheme calculates the amount of its assessable income each year and arranges for this tax to be paid out of Members’ funds.

Each member’s share of the Scheme’s overall tax position is calculated based on the member’s transactions during a particular tax year, which runs to 31 March. This can result in some members being in a notional tax payable position and other members being in a notional tax refund or loss position.

Tax can have significant consequences for investments. If you have any queries relating to the tax, you should obtain professional advice.

Where funds are received by the scheme that have had UK tax relief, the UK may levy charges that are similar to taxes in certain circumstances. These include a change of residence within five years or a transfer to another scheme established in another country or which is not a QROPS.

i-Select Superannuation Scheme Documentation

Other Material Information
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Jul 1, 2022
Product Disclosure Statement
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Dec 6, 2023
Trust Deed
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May 25, 2017

Take the next step...

If you want us to refer you to a financial adviser to assist you with your pension and possibly other investment decision-making, contact us and we will make a recommendation.

If you have decided that the i-Select PIE Superannuation Scheme is for you, contact us and we will get in touch with you to commence the process.

i-Select Ltd is the Licensed Manager of the i-Select Superannuation Scheme (“the Scheme”) and an offer of membership of the Scheme is made via a Product Disclosure Statement that may be obtained here or from your selected Authorised Financial Adviser or from disclose-register.companiesoffice.govt.nz